Supplying Chain Integration

Diversified Supply Chain

Relying on the vast electronics markets in mainland China and the direct OEM supply, we do marketing procurement independently,
and have the manufacturing capabilities to bring our customers a flexible and diversified supply chain solution.  

We cooperate with more than 2,500 original factories, which ensures volume OEM supply. Marketing procurement
provides us with a great variety of goods. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to recycle resources and
have the lowest possible waste impact on global ecologies,save costs for our customers.

Now we own a perfect product supply chain system and post-sales services value chain in the wireless industry.

KSEIDON Suppliers’ Words For Their Quality

As a great mobile phone parts and accessories manufacturer, we declare that we provide the best quality for KSEIDON. And we will protect the benefit of our clients with great loyalty and excellent service.

@ KSEIDON LCD Supplier

To achieve a great quality level, we make our product design stricter and better than the counterparts. It is the pursuit of quality leads us forward and lift us higher.

@ KSEIDON Flex Cable Supplier

LCD is the most difficult item to promise the quality. The only solution for us is to check one by one so as to promise that 99% of the LCDs can work great.

@ KSEIDON LCD Supplier

We keep the sense of quality guarantee in our mind and activate it into our daily work.

@ KSEIDON Housing Supplier

We are glad to perform the real products’ data and specifications. It is welcome for our clients to inspect and evaluate our touchscreens. We will keep on fighting against those with poor quality. We think we can be a strong help to make the market healthy and clean.

@ KSEIDON Touch Screen Supplier

We will always keep the mind of doing loyal business. All the items are provided with great quality according to customers’ needs.

@ KSEIDON Mobile Phone Battery Supplier

We will keep on designing fascinating accessories to meet customers’ need, and promise great quality.

@ KSEIDON Mobile Phone Accessories Supplier

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