Types of Composition of Mobile Phone Touch Screen

There are two types of composition of touch screen mobile phone screen on the market.


1. Touch screen is separated from LCD, such as touch screen mobile phones we used earlier, iPad 1234 and iPad mini123. Touch issues occurred in phones like those, you can only replace the touch screen, it has nothing to do with the LCD screen.


2. Touch and liquid crystal are bonded together by optical glue. There are also several sub categories:

a. The touch screen cable and IC are integrated on the glass cover plate, and then bonded with the liquid crystal. Some of this screen assembly are separated from the LCD cable. Some of the touch cable is integrated with the LCD cable through the connection bracket.


b. The touch screen cable is integrated into the cover plate and then fit with the LCD. This kind of touch screen cable may also be integrated with LCD cable.


c. The touch cable is integrated with LCD and the cover is a single piece of glass. This kind of touch cable is directly connected with the LCD cable by welding

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So, my friend, if your phone belongs to the second type, it means that you have to replace your screen and the LCD.

三星 A20 A205 原装带框2-03


Note: Above pictures are for reference only.