Tear Down for Magsafe

Recently, the disassembly team ifixit shared the tear down of the new MagSafe charger for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro.

The X-ray image of MagSafe charger provided by creative electron shows the internal charging coil surrounded by a circular magnet.
The only seam ifixit can use to open the device is where the white rubber ring meets the metal wheel, which is attached to a strong thermal adhesive.

On the bottom surface of the white cover are etched copper tags that trace back to the four corresponding leads that surround the outside of the charging coil.

Below the coil is a shielded circuit board.


Ifixit also provides a comparison with the Apple Watch charging stand, which looks very different from MagSafe internally.

The main difference is the magnet dark ring around the MagSafe charger, which corresponds to the magnet in the “iPhone 12” and “iPhone 12 Pro“. Instead, the Apple Watch charger uses a single magnet to align in the center.