Tear Down for Mortorola Edge+: Lots of copper are included, aluminium frame

YouTuber channel PBKreviews disassembled Motorola‘s new flagship Edge+, let’s take a review at its internal situation.


The disassembly shows that to open the Motorola Edge+, strong heating is required to melt the very strong adhesive of the device, though the official only claims that it supports splash resistance, people still think that this phone should be base a protection level of IP68.

What can be confirmed is that the back of the phone is made of glass, and Motorola’s promotional materials are a bit ambiguous on this issue. In addition, the device come with a 6000 series aluminum frame, but the outside is covered by some thick coating, which makes it a bit difficult to be identified.



We learned that there are a large number of antennas inside the phone (for the sake of supporting 5G), and there are also many copper sheets between the key components for heat dissipation, but no any liquid container is seen here for heat dissipation. The 108MP camera module takes up a huge room, and the vibration motor rather a bit small, but its actual effect is not being effected anyway.


In addition, the internal battery is firmly adhered, as is the back plate, which is very laborious to replace. The hyperboloid display is not easy to disassemble, and the damage to the screen also occured when it is being disassembled at the time.