Review for Apple Watch Series 6 Disassembled

Few days earlier, ifixit disassembled its latest new watch series 6. After disassembly, ifixit said that the internal design of the Apple watch series 6 is mostly similar to that of the previous generation, but some details are different, and since there are fewer cables, it is easier to make maintenance like replacing batteries and others.


It is understood that the 44mm Apple watch series 6 uses a battery rated at 1.17wh, which is slightly higher than the series 5. In addition, the new series 6 also cancelled force touch, which will further reduce maintenance costs.


Ifixit said Apple has been polishing its watch products to give it an increasingly attractive look. It has a lot of details hidden inside, and it also allows us to focus all our attention on health functions.

The series 6 received a 6-point repairable rating of 10. This achievement is mainly due to the simplified design, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost. However, the series 6 still uses custom screws inside, which can be difficult to remove without professional tools.

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