Airpods Max Is Harder Than Any Other Headsets On This Factor

Ifixit usually shares with us the tear down of every new Apple product, and there is no exception for the newly released headset Airpods Max.


Airpods Max is not as easy to disassemble as other over ear headsets, said by ifixit. We have learned that Airpods Max comes with Apple’s 40 mm moving coil drive unit, with a dual ring neodymium magnet motor, and each ear pad is equipped with apple H1 chip.


The X-ray shows that two batteries are embeded in Airpods Max, but both are in one ear cup. Ifixit noticed that there were some solder joints and wires near the battery, but they had not yet found a connector that was easy to replace the battery.


Although the speaker unit is protected by screws, some parts of the Airpods Max are glued. Thus the headphone has to be heated to be completely disassembled. “This headset is not as easy to disassemble as it seems,” said ifixit.

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