How To Protect Your Cellphone Screen?

1. Should I stick a screen protector?

For me, as a matter of fact, my answer will be YES.

People might doubt that the screen protector is not strong enough to protect their phone, and some would think that it is really affecting the visual and touch feeling. However, there is no full screen if the screen still keeps “naked”. You will regret for not having the protector after the screen damaged.

Cost less to bring back a safety report on your phone, I dare to say it is worthy trying.

 2. What can I do if my screen got dirty?

Screen is too vulnerable to get dirty. All kinds of ash, fingerprints and grease…oh! The scrape screen, in fact, is not a good choice of using. So how can we do? Well, except for the special screen cleaner, we can use balm, baking soda and adhesive tape (to clear the dust in the gap).

Please remember, do not use water, will the “brain” works well if there are water in it? And the second item are alcohol, we all know that it wil injure the screen.


3.What if there is a scratch on the screen?

Evenly apply some toothpaste on the screen, slightly wipe it back and forth, let the toothpaste cover the screen, and then wipe it off after lasting for two minutes. 2. Use soda powder and water to make paste, paste it with a wet cloth, and gently wipe the screen back and forth, after more than ten seconds, the scratch will disappear.


If the scratch still can’t go out after multiple attempts, it is suggested to replace a new screen.