How powerful type-c interface makes our life?

The popularity of smart phones makes our life colorful. A lot of people spend most of their time on cell phones. Basically everyone has to have a power bank ready at home and in the office or in a bag. But sometimes it’s a headache not having a matching charging cable. Why? Because there are many kinds of mobile phone interfaces, such as Apple’s lightning interface, Android phone’s Mini USB interface, and the popular type-C interface. You may be familiar with the first two, but the most popular one is the type-C one, because it can not only charge, but also has many other powerful functions.


Most people’s understanding of the type-C interface is only at the basic level of “it can be inserted forward and backward” and “used for charging”. In fact, there are many divine operations that it can realize. ① Most mobile phones with type-C interface can connect mouse and keyboard as long as one type-C docking station is plugged in. If there is a need to write longer text on the mobile phone, or use office apps such as Excel, word, etc., with the mouse and keyboard, the operation efficiency can be greatly improved and the mobile office is convenient. If you like to play games, you can also experience computer game operation on your mobile phone.3

In addition, the docking station can also be connected to the U disk, which is a lifesaver for the mobile phone with insufficient memory. Photos and videos, which take up a lot of space, can be stored in the USB flash disk. After the mobile phone is connected to the USB flash disk, it can be opened directly for viewing without occupying the space of the mobile phone. If the external USB device can also realize the traditional Android interface which supports OTG function, the following two functions cannot be achieved by the traditional Android micro interface. ② To support image transmission, in addition to mobile phones using USB type-C interface, notebook, hard disk and other electronic devices have also begun to use this interface, because the USB type-C interface not only has the function of charging and transmitting data, but also supports the function of audio and video transmission. Some mobile phones, such as many of Huawei’s flagship phones, can support the direct type-C to HDMI cable or the docking station to connect the large screen display and projector. The pictures and videos on the mobile phone can be directly extended to the monitor for viewing, which can change the mobile phone into PC mode in seconds without affecting the independent use of the mobile phone.6

In addition to using the type-C docking station with HDMI or VGA interface, the display can be connected directly with specific wires. For example, type-C to DP line can be realized theoretically 4K@120Hz The high refresh rate of hdmi2.0 line can be realized 4K@60Hz Refresh rate. The external display card on notebook computer, external display on new iPad pro, and TNT operating system of hammer mobile phone all benefit from the maximum transmission rate of type-C at 10Gb / s, which can transmit a large amount of data.9

③ In fact, we are forced to know that type-C supports audio transmission, because more and more mobile phones use the type-C interface and cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack. If you want to listen to music with wired headphones, you need a type-C converter. The reason why you can use the type-C interface to listen to songs is that it supports audio output and can theoretically improve the sound quality. In addition, the mobile phone can connect the network cable directly through the docking station, and enjoy the faster and smoother wired network. Not only is it high bandwidth, type-C also supports high power, up to 100W. Therefore, mobile phones with fast charging power over 30W are all type-C interfaces. Because of these advantages, many interface technologies focus on type-C, such as thunder and lightning 3 of external video card, USB PD, supervooc and so on. This means that USB type-C interface is likely to become a unified standard interface for various electronic products in the future. That is to say, in the future, you only need to bring a type-C cable to solve the charging, data transmission, audio and video transmission of all electronic devices. When the type-C interface becomes the standard interface of electronic products, we don’t have to worry about the mismatch of charging lines. It also solves the trouble that we often take the wrong charging line when we go out.