Review For The Tear Down of Airpods Pro

The release of Airpods Max has brought us a big wave. Since it mgiht take a while to get the tear down details. Let’s spend some seconds to review the tear down for Airpods Pro.


The so called “Pro” means



Active noise concelling

transparent mode

IPx4 waterproof
Apple self developed H1 wireless chip, supporting Bluetooth 5.0

The weight of each Airpods Pro is 5.4g and the weight of charging box is 45.6g


The charging box for Airpods Pro is white but flatter.

Airpods offers three pairs of silicone earplugs, shorter in length.

The mold model of the charging box is A2190, and that of the headset are A2083 and A2084.

New charging contacts at the bottom



After heating, cut the earphone with a sharp blade


There was no unexpected adhesive inside.



This is battery, 3.7V, made in Germany. It is similar to the one in Galaxy buses, which is cp1254 in bugs and cp1154 in Airpods pro.

1718 19


Apple H1 and other chips

20 21 22
Continue to cut the bottom of the Airpods pro.

23242526 27
Internal structure diagram.

28 29 30
Finally coming to the charging box.


The chips above include:

34 35
Red: l476mgy6
Orange: Botong 59356a2kubg charging module
Yellow: Texas Instruments 97a4pq1
Green: NXP 610a3b kn3308, charging IC when possible

36 37 38
The battery of Airpods Pro charging box is 1.98wh. The battery in airpods 2 is 1.52wh, and galaxy budds is 1.03wh

The tear down ends here, we think the maintainability is 0%, which could provide retailers more chances to grasp the business.